GWS Contractors provides expert Steam Injection remediation. GWS can remediate almost any site via a steam injection system in combination with soil vapor extraction (SVE) and groundwater recovery system. Because of the relatively low volatility of LNPLS like No.2 fuel oil, steam injection provides a mechanism to mobilize the fuel oil through reduced adhesion to soils and enhanced volatilization and evaporation with directional influence.

The means to remediate fuel oil contamination in soil and groundwater occurs through pressure gradients created by groundwater recovery and SVE vacuum. In addition, an enhancement of biological activity is achieved by the increase in soil temperature, which results in further degradation of the fuel oil by microbial organisms. During the final phase of the project Ozone is injected through the steam injection points to enhance oxidization of the contaminants further.

GWS has employed Steam SVE remediation around New Jersey achieving NJDEP residential clean standards including sites in the NJ Pinelands preserve. Contact us to see how Steam SVE can work with your project.