GWS Contractors Inc. provides experienced vapor intrusion mitigation system installations with over millions of square feet of commercial and residential vapor removal systems and sub slab depressurization systems installed. GWS installs sub slab depressurization systems in existing buildings as well as new construction that will ensure compliance with NJDEP standards. Whether you need a simple pipe and gravel system or a comprehensive system that follows NJDEP vapor intrusion guidelines, GWS will provide system design and installation.

As a manufacturer certified Cupolex Installer, GWS Environmental Contractors Inc. works directly with Structural Engineers and Indoor Air Quality Consultants to design and build vapor mitigation systems.

Over the past 3 decades, the idea of placing concrete over CUPOLEX® forms has become an increasingly popular vapor mitigation solution for existing and new construction. Cupolex works not only for site conditions involving challenging soil or soil vapor issues, but also replacing conventional slabs. Property developers and LSRPs use Cupolex forms to reduce costs and mitigate long term risk to their property development projects, some of those cost and risks include:

  • Vapor Intrusion from existing or future soil vapor encroachment,
  • Radon
  • Excessive moisture leading to mold in the occupied space
  • Structural failure
  • Slab curling and shrinkage,
  • Post construction settling of soil below structures
  • Expansive and challenging soil conditions

Some of the benefits of using Cupolex are:

  • Reduce aggregate use and importing of engineered fill materials
  • Seeking alternative design to not using light weight fill materials or EPS fill to reduce dead loads on structures,
  • Moisture and mold prevention,
  • Accumulating points for LEED certification.