Emergency Water Removal & Dry Outs

GWS Environmental Contractors provides emergency dewatering services for residential and commercial customers.  Our emergency response equipment includes high volume dewatering for flooding situations and all the equipment needed to dry out your emergency needs.

GWS can respond to your emergency 24/7 to begin the drying process.  It is extremely important to remove water immediately before moisture starts mold growth.  Even small amounts of moisture can cause mold spores to grow.  GWS will search for the source if it is not known and help to stop further water infiltration. It is important to hire a company with proper training, equipment and the ability to respond quickly.  GWS Environmental Contractors Inc. maintains IICRC Certified Applied Structural Drying (ASD) personnel.  Let GWS help you with your emergency dewatering, sewage cleanup, pipe burst or flood.